Wanna Talk? - CritChat

Every once in a while you come across something happening locally and think: 'Why aren't I already taking part in that?' This exact question occurred when hearing about CritChat, a free and informal session in which young creatives in Bristol can gather to share interests, work, and ideas. It's run by Rising, a not-for-profit organisation for young creatives, and generally takes place in the Spike Island Associate Space from 18:30-20:30, every first Wednesday of the month, the next happening on 01/11/2017, which is very soon - so get down there, or save yourself for the next one.


Talking through your work doesn't always seem like an appealing thing to do, especially for  anyone lacking confidence in themselves or their ideas. But sometimes the act of vocalising your artistic thoughts forces you to look at them from new and unexpected angles. Actually showing work to other people can also give you a better idea of how it is received by ears, eyes, and minds with different perspective from your own. It can be a really helpful, important and sometimes necessary process for any creative to get a sense of how people react to your ideas. 


Alternatively, it's just as valid to sit and listen to other people, perhaps helping them work through their ideas before you introduce any of yours. This will inevitably develop your creative thinking and benefit your own work, as well as allowing the opportunities to make new contacts and meet potential collaborators.


So, whether you have some ideas you want help with or you just like the idea of meeting new people, then come along. Oh, and if you weren't already sold on the idea, snacks and drinks are provided - so we'll see you there.


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