SYNC.SW (pronounced sync south west) is a brand-spanking new platform for creatives in the South West of England. Our mission (if we choose to accept it, and we already have) is to create a community of creative individuals, bring together talents, and create opportunities. 


Want to talk through ideas? Need people to help with your film? Your animation? Your installation? Or perhaps you just want to get involved with something? Post on our Facebook group - others will be lurking, ready to lend you a hand. We want to build bridges, connect; SYNC your talents, your knowhow into one place. 


You could be a filmmaker on the search for a cameraman, a scriptwriter looking for a producer, or an animator on the hunt for a voice-artist - our group is all about bringing you closer to the collaborators you've been so desperately yearning for.


Or perhaps you've already got some work and you just want to show it off? We're also about platforming and profiling young and exciting creatives, giving them a place to show themselves off to the world. Fill in this form to get an early foot in the door - you never know who might see.


We'll also be drawing attention to local opportunities, as well as offering our own - these could be competitions, prospective funding, or events.


So if you're living in the South West and looking to build a career in the creative industries, then this is the place to be - join our FB group here - plus our mailing list below.


Our first competition, in partnership with M Shed, will be launched very soon, so watch this space.


See you soon!