Time To Delve Into The World Of Music Videos

Drawing resources together for a short film can be a mountainous task. You need your actors, crew, location… and that’s even before pulling your hair out to master that goddamn script of yours. And where on Earth are you getting the money from?


Well, in the meantime, have you ever considered applying your skills to music videos? 















Essentially short films with a song on top, the potential for creativity within music videos is boundless. As long as your concept chimes well with what the artist has in mind, you can go as crazy as you like; from well-shot performance videos that capture energy and vibe, to abstract, expressionistic visual renderings of the music.


Hop onto Vimeo and take peek at the constant swell of innovative music videos from around the world. The amount of creativity on display is often astonishing, showcasing music video production as a proven way for modern filmmakers to hone their talents and carve out their voice, using the format as a platform to launch themselves into the creative filmmaking world.

But you don’t need to harass Beyonce or follow Ed Sheeran home to make one - there are plenty of local musicians who need some visuals to stick online alongside their latest release. Why not just shoot an email over and ask them?


Small or beginner bands and musicians may not have anything to give in terms of payment, but starting with a few free ones before eventually moving onto videos with a budget is a common pathway for young filmmakers nowadays. The pockets of funding that record labels possess makes gaining money for music videos a lot more frequent and realistic for you than for short films. 


Also, some sort of exposure is pretty much guaranteed through the musician’s management as they will undoubtably want to get the video seen just as much as you do. If the video and song are strong enough, you could find it being premiered or shared on prestigious music sites all over the internet. 


So if you're a budding filmmaker, music videos are absolutely a path you should explore. As well as approaching musicians directly, commissioning sites such as Radar and Creative Commission offer you a chance to pitch to record companies offering serious budgets for potential music videos - so once you've got a bit of a portfolio behind you, make sure you get your pitching game on. 


The sky's the limit! We can't wait to see your name on the credits when the next Justin Bieber visual drops.