DepicT! Can You Do it in 90 Seconds?  

March 5, 2018

Winnow, George Lewis. Winner of Depict! 2017

There’s a lot that can happen in a minute and a half. For example, somewhere in Mexico, a mother could sit her children down in front of the television, hand each one a neatly crafted voodoo doll, and set them to work. A minute and a half is the time it takes to climb a shaky border fence and transition from citizen to alien. It’s the time it could take one misspoken word to bring a family dinner to a very awkward halt, or a child to learn he hasn’t got the mettle to be a hunter. 90 Seconds is the time it takes a blind man to lose his best friend, or the life of an alcoholic to descend into grim head-butting chaos.


All of that in a minute and a half?! It might seem mad but these are just some of the topics tackled by the nominees for 2017’s DepicT! Award. The joy of this 90 second micro film competition is also the challenge: How can I strip my idea down the very essence of its being and still get my point across? It’s a great challenge for a film-maker to take on, and one that every aspiring Scorsese with a camera should be taking advantage of. (Especially with a £1500 cash top prize!)


Oh, and entry is free!

Entry closes on July 1st, 2018, so you’ve got a good few months to get those thinking caps on and get to work!