Spotlight: VR, CF and Creative Approach with Chris Price

December 10, 2017

At only 26, Bristol based Chris Price has already cemented himself a creative career working across a range of design, motion graphics, video and VR (to name just a few); not letting Cystic Fibrosis define or hinder him, but using the unique experience it's given him to motivate his work ethic and hone his creative practices. 


Chris finished his Random Acts film, 'Me and My Lungs', last year, and has since been working on all sorts, so we caught up with him to chat about VR, CF and more at Zubr VR's studio in central Bristol. 

What’s up Chris. How are things? Tell us a little about yourself...


Hey, things are pretty good thanks.

I’m a graphic designer based in Bristol. I have a bit of an obsession with cycling and I live with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) I have worked in motion graphics and TV post production and more recently Virtual Reality. Since finishing my Random Acts film, Me & My Lungs, I have joined Zubr Virtual Reality as the creative director.



‘Me and My Lungs’ is a very personal insight into your life living with Cystic Fibrosis, how did you find working with a subject so close to you?


It was quite a challenge. I have in the past worked on pieces that touch on the subject of living with CF but only indirectly. Those projects would focus on my interests like cycling, tea or living in Bristol with the side note that I’m driven to create by my circumstances.


It’s important in any creative project not to work in isolation, to test out ideas and get critique from people around you, this was especially important here as I was so close to the subject.


As I’m not always the best with words, (I’m more of a visual person, If you couldn’t tell) I enlisted the help of my sister Lisa to write the script. Growing up she has been by my side and experienced first hand all the challenges of living with CF. She even followed me to Bristol to pursue her own creative career and shares the same love for the city as I do.



Do you think it’s important to tell your own story through your work?


Personally for me it has been very important. I don’t keep a diary in the traditional sense and pouring myself into projects like these is the way I reflect on life. I feel like it's a good exercise to check in on myself every so often.



The film is an incredibly visually engaging piece. Could you talk us through some of the intricate processes and the steps you took to create it.  


Without spoiling the magic too much there’s a lot of interesting liquids mixing around for the backgrounds. This was filmed over a few lengthy days under a macro camera. My aim was to achieve a sense of being inside my body. With CF I have to clear a lot of sticky mucus from my lungs, I have a lot of blood tests, and generally get poked and prodded by lots of intrusive treatments. I wanted to frame my story within that setting.


The drawings were all done with charcoal, pens and many hours over a light box. I then composited these with the backgrounds to get the final look.



Tell us a little more about Zubr VR and the kind of projects you guys work on.


Zubr is a playful digital studio that creates virtual and augmented reality experiences. We also do a lot of research and development. We are lucky enough to work on some crazy projects. One day we might be virtually watering and growing flowers the next we could be augmenting a cheetah into people's living rooms.