Bristol has a world-famous music scene, so many personal experiences of gigs, festivals, queues and record shops mean there are endless stories to tell...


What's yours?


  • We're looking for short films that address your experience of Music in Bristol.


  • They can be personal, playful, experimental, funny, serious, anything!


  • Top four films will be shown as part of Bristol Music, a major exhibition at M Shed.


  • All other entries that meet the criteria will be hosted on M Shed's Youtube channel.


  • Great exposure to hundreds of visitors from around the world! Getting your work seen is hard to do, this is a great opportunity for you and your peers to do just that.


  • It could be a retelling of an experience, a memory, a general tribute. Nothing too information or documentary-based, but apart from that, go wild.

  • If you already have a film that fulfils this criteria, great - enter it! 


  • You'll also receive £100 if your film is one of the four that makes it in.


  • Open to filmmakers aged 25 and under.


  • Films should generally be around 90 seconds to 3 minutes long, but if it's good enough, there's no reason it can't be slightly under or over.


  • Deadline for submissions is 5pm February 28th.



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If you want to brainstorm, get more information, or just ask a few questions - do drop us an email:


M Shed is also asking for your written experiences of Bristol music. Go here to fill that out, and be in with a chance to win a voucher for your chosen gig from Bristol Ticket Shop (but not before you've made a film about it!)